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What's in your Cellphone? Game

If you know me you know I love games. Especially the quirky homemade games that make your guests scratch their head in puzzlement but then end up having an absolute BALL!

I had a group of my favorite ladies come over for snacks and chats. I had everyone pull out their phones to get ready for a fun game. Some of them were sweating slightly unsure what was to come.

So grab your friends or family. Doesn't matter how many. No need to sit at a table. Get comfy. No prep necessary!

All you have to do is use your phone to answer these questions. Be quick whoever finds these items first usually wins a point. Others are shared and get a point by a vote. The goal is to get the most points to win!

What's in your cellphone questions:

-Who has the most phone contacts?

-What's the last thing you texted? (Who has the best)

-Picture of you and your sig other. (Vote for the cutest)

-A contact with the letter Q, X or Z

-Who has a restaurant or business in their contacts?

-What your next calendar event?

-10 seconds of your newest favorite song. (Take turns listening)

-Open a game you love to play on your phone. (Best game wins)

-Who has the most cracks in their phone?

-Who has an Ex's # in their phone? (PS DELETE THAT haha)

-Who called their mom/dad most recent?

-Text 1 person whoever responds first wins.

-Who has the most photos?

-Find a funny random screenshot. (Funniest wins)

-Who has the oldest picture?

-Who has a contact with a funny name

-Find a picture that represents yourself on Pinterest.

-Find a recipe. Vote who has the best one.

-Find the most embarrassing picture.

-What app are you embarrassed to have?

-Who has the best traveling photo?

-Who has the most worn out phone case

-Text three people "Would you like a potato?" Best reply wins

-Who has the most emails in their inbox?

The possibilities are endless! Add more questions! This game will bring lots of laughter and a good competitive spirit! Save this post so you can play with your friends and family! Tell me how it goes!


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