Beginning Watercolor Class

Beginning Kit $55:

  • 2 different style brushes

  • 9x12 cold press Strathmore paper

  • Basic watercolor cake set

Advanced Kit $75:

  • 2 brushes

  • Watercolor pen

  • 9x12 cold press Strathmore paper

  • Prima Color watercolor set

  • Sponge

Using Own Supplies $40:

  • class fee 

*Both sets are all inclusive with kit and class fee*

Have you ever wanted to learn how to watercolor, but haven't had the time, or the spirit to get started? I am here to help you! I will teach you a simple style to get to watercolor-savy! I am offering a Beginner Kit and an Advanced Kit. Which will cover the things you need to get started. Look below to see more information.

Classes TBD

-Davis County

-Cache Valley

*Classes will be about two hours in length *

Sign Up!

*Please fill out for genuine interest! You can back out anytime! When it gets closer I will send you information with an invoice, and date. *

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