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Let It Go

November for the last few years has been a time to reflect and let go. I wanted to write this blog in hopes it can help you and serve my own heart too. I need to let things go. Many many things for that matter.

Let go of your expectation of how you think your life should be.

Many times in my life I have imagined how things should play out. I created big plans and big dreams. Even going as far as cutting out magazines, creating Pinterest boards, drawing pictures, talking to loved ones, and writing lists. With most of these not going according to plan. Looking back now on my change in plans, and crushed dreams I realized it was the best thing for me. Those moments have built me from the ground up. Call it fate or call it God’s will, but things happen as they need to. Better even! Allow them to play out and don’t stress about having it exactly planned out. Life isn’t perfect. And it never will be, but your story IS perfect for you. You will realize looking back.

Let go of the comparisons

Good ole social media. Our shoulder angel on one side, and devil on the other. Constantly telling us how we compare to everyone else. Those picture perfect people that seem to have it all together? Yeah, they aren’t real. Social media has a crappy way of making us believe that. Everyone behind those beautiful edited photos, with their children holding hands on their gorgeous brand new porch also have a story to tell. No one’s life is perfect, I will tell you that.

There is nothing wrong with being inspired. Nothing wrong with thinking, “Oh Jenny’s home is beautiful I want something like that someday…” But as soon as it becomes, “Jenny’s house is amazing, she must be a snot.” Or “Because my house was built in the 1970’s that means I am not as good…” Or even, “I live in an apartment, my life sucks.” GET RID OF THOSE LIES AND THAT MIND SET. Not being like someone else doesn’t make ourselves any less. This means you need a break. Let go of social media for a week. OR EVEN a day!! See how you feel. You will be able to focus on your own life and see the good all around you! Change that mindset.

Let go of your expectations for your relationships

I have struggled with this for most of my life. What do you do when you have a toxic relationship? One that makes you feel empty, or makes you feel hurt? One that the love isn’t returned? My number one piece of advice would be to walk away. But if you can’t do that because it is a family member, a co-worker, or some other complicated reason, than here is some more advice…

You can keep your distance all the while keeping your door slightly open. You don’t need to shut the door entirely. What I often say is, “Be kind and classy.” Have respect enough for yourself that you recognize it does not bring you fulfillment, that door doesn’t have to be swung wide open! Just leave it cracked. But also have a heart full of kindness even when it’s not returned.

Chin up. Hopefully it can get better one day. Focus on the ones who love you, and who make time for you. Recognize them and tell them how much you care. Those relationships will get you through the loss you feel towards others.

Let go of unnecessary stress

Friends, life is hard. It’s always going to be hard, EVERY SINGLE DAY, FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON. There is always something new ahead. If someone says something rude, let it go. If someone cuts you off on the highway, let it go. If your best friend didn’t text Tracey who said she was going to be there at 2PM and she is now 20 minutes late…. SO WHAT!!! LET IT GO. There is so so much to stress over. Prioritize your stress. Ask yourself, “Should I really be stressing over this? Or can I push it back just a little longer?” Your time is valuable, and your mental health is even more valuable. Let that shiz go!

Let go of your biases

This goes for EVERYONE. Every person on the earth has gone through TOTALLY different experiences that have shaped them. They each have different ideas on life. REALIZE THAT. We all have something to say with our own “logic.” If we all were alike the world would be BORING. So count it as a blessing. Treat everyone kindly. No matter their gender, race, age, background, or belief.

I hope you can have the power to let something go this month. Because letting go of something will create a more happy and strong version of yourself. YOU GOT THIS.

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