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Hospital Bag"gage"

“What should I pack in my hospital bag?” is probably one of the number one questions first time moms ask. You can find hundreds of thousands of different ideas and opinions on the internet. Not to mention thoughts from strangers, friends, and family.

I am not here to tell you that I have created the ultimate and right list for everyone. Because well, that is not true. I have come up with a list that I feel is practical, minimal, and worked great for me. But, I have a more important message to deliver...

A few days ago I came across a reel on Instagram that sparked a lot of thought for me. It was a reel showing what to bring in your hospital bag for birth. It looked like an ad for the bag itself, so granted it was trying to look really trendy and cute. Inside it had a laser wood cut sign with babies name on it. Then had all these really fancy baby clothes, bib, and binky clip. (all very well could have been sponsored) I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. There was nothing practical about any of those items.

I’ve seen lists on Pinterest where they recommend you purchase a $100 floral hand spun silk hospital gown, or bring all your make up from home, get your lashes done, nails done, etc…. While these things aren't necessarily wrong or silly, I do think there is something to be said about the priorities we place on motherhood.

Question: Want to know what the most beautiful thing is?

Answer: An amazing, and strong woman giving birth to a new life.

Why does society tell us we need to look a certain way to do the most beautiful thing in the world? My words to the world are, WHO FREAKING CARES.

In my experience the hospital is a very special and sacred place for life and death. I have felt very powerful emotions while giving birth to my two little girls and having scares of my own there. Although we want to remember these special moments, I think it is important that we don’t focus on creating the most perfect picture that we don’t enjoy and relish in the special moment itself.

Anyone who decides to dress their baby in absolutely adorable head to toe clothes, YOU DO IT. Anyone who decides to get a full face of makeup on to deliver your baby, YOU DO YOU. But, what I am trying to tell you is, do things because YOU want them, not because you feel people should see you and your baby a certain way. Or because you think your pictures should WOW the social media world. You and your experience are beautiful just the way they are. This goes for your ENTIRE experience as a mother.

Which brings me to my list… My list is a very minimal and practical list. I have perfected it for myself and hope to have it ready to go for my next children someday. You don’t need to pack weeks in advance or have 300 things like a lot of the lists online… I promise you… The hospital has EVERYTHING else you nee

d. That is their job to take care of you. You got this. Don’t over think this. Check out my list and add whatever you see fit. And if not, SCRAP it all and create your own! You do you. You are gorgeous, courageous, and a brilliant mother!

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