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Let’s face it. Owning a small business isn’t unique anymore. It can be frustrating for you as an owner to tread water in the millions of creative ideas out there. I want to help you STAND OUT. The key to success, and following is to be different and exciting.

After 6 years and watching the small business industry grow I have picked up on a few things I think might be helpful.

1. Don’t copy, Be Inspired

Social media like Pinterest, Google, Instagram, etc… make it so easy to copy. Not only could that cause some drama your way if you were to be found, but it’s just straight up CHEATING. Nothing good comes from ripping someone’s idea off. (Karma is real people). There is nothing wrong with duplicating a STYLE or being inspired by someone’s work. The key is to be INSPIRED. Make it your own, even if you have hints of someone else’s creativity. People will be drawn to you for it.

2. Be Efficient

I love to support other artists even though I do art as well! It’s such a fun passion of mine. Recently I bought art from a Insta-famous Utah artist. I reached out to her multiple times. It took her almost a month to finally reach out to me. Not to mention an additional month and a half to receive the art print. (not a custom might I add) Although gorgeous I was so off putted by her late response and delivery. I won’t be returning or telling others about her.

We live in a world that has AMAZON. The blasted company that kicks all of small shops butts when it comes to expectations for shipping physical products. People want their stuff NOW. With that said, you are NOT Amazon so people shouldn’t be expecting that, but try to your best to deliver as soon as possible. Not to mention when people reach out, respond as quickly as possible. You want their business, and value them for following you. PROVE IT.

3. Package/Display Beautifully

When shipping said physical product, service, or even digital product, make it an experience. Receiving something from the amazingly talented YOU, is something to be excited about! It doesn’t have to be anything special. Stickers, string, cute font, a hand written note, a little extra gift… ANYTHING! The little things make it all the more appealing. It shows that you love what you do and are proud of it yourself.

4. Be Personal

Most small businesses also have a social media account. SHOW YOUR FACE!!! I can’t scream this enough! If I could I would shake your shoulders right now! People like buying from someone they support and feel like they know. It just is that way! Post an occasional photo. Be real. Share details of your life. Comment on DM’s and comments kindly and sincerely! Not only do you have to sell your product you do have to sell a bit of yourself. It can be overwhelming. You don’t need to get dolled up every time you show your face! BE REAL! Don’t treat it like a journal or get too political. It starts creating divisions in your followers. They are after all there because they like you or your product.

5. Have fun, Pace Yourself

I’ve noticed a few people I follow show countless photos of themselves (esp. during the holidays) slaving away working at their small shop. They say how tired they are and how many they have to go. THAT IS NOT A GOOD ANGLE. You should be excited! Saying THANK YOU! Why would you want to buy from a business that seems like it’s drudgery? Go at a good pace, so you can keep loving what you do! People will notice!



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