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FIVE THINGS: People Do That Annoy Me

The older I get the more crabby I feel! It could be from the constant babies I am popping out or the slowing down of my body as I descend from my peak of life. (26 ain’t that old… but I feel it) It’s something I need to get better at! But for the sake of this blog post I will tell you 5 things that people do that drive me up the wall… continue on if you dare!

  1. When people don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. What is this all about? Not only is it disgusting … it’s rude. You are literally spreading your germs all over for other people to touch. “But I didn’t touch anything.” Doesn’t matter. If you wiped, or held your man business you still touched something didn’t you? You probably touched the bathroom stall? Toilet handle? Yah you touched something. So be a dear and wash your gosh darn hands!! Really and truly don’t get me started… (germa-phob over here!)

  2. People leaving shopping carts all over. Like really? Come on people. You have two legs that you walked with ALL around the store. You can shimmy your fanny and bring it back to a cart return that they so generously put ALLL over the parking lot!! Leaving it means you want someone else to come get it. RUDE! If you are disabled or have children I can see more so a reason to do that. But for me, I park right by a cart return for that reason. I don’t like leaving my baby in the car alone even for a few minutes so I park close and it solves the problem. This one I will never understand how people can be so lazy!

  3. Pushy sales people. Don’t get me started about this ever so lovely annoyance that we all have to deal with. It all started with Mary Kay parties for me. It’s taken me years to get around the sneaky sales tactics and just say NO! It’s rough. Even going to markets and people approach you! There used to be occasional feisty kiosk sellers at the mall, but those have died out a tad. Some people can get suckered into that stuff. Not me. It makes my nostrils flare. Be classy people. Be classy.

  4. Needy people. Let me explain this one. It really irks me when people are very quick (and often) to ask for help, and things left and right. But they never help others in return. Maybe this is how I was raised. I try to always do things on my own and not inconvience people. I probably have that to a fault. It’s good to let others serve, but just hold your horses and don’t mooch. Everyone is in need of some help, not just you!

  5. This one may be just a tad dramatic! But I feel the need to share it anyway! Not being polite in public. For example. There are time when you are distracted and it is justified. But if someone holds the door open for you, you say thank you! If someone is kind and lets you butt in line, thank them! If my little sweet 15 month old waves at you and you notice, you gosh dang wave back! Haha! If you sneeze and someone says bless you, THANK THEM! Or if someone sneezes bless them! If someone falls help them! Don’t just stare! I believe in a world where we are aware of what’s around us! We don’t need to be totally obsorbed in our phones or our to do lists to be kind! JUST BE KIND!

If you stuck around with me I clap in your honor! What annoys you that people do? What did I miss?

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