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How To Fly With A Baby

I hope to answer all your questions regarding flying with a baby. My husband surprised me with a trip to visit my parents. Four days before the trip! I am a planner. Almost to a fault. But when I found out that I only had four days to physically and emotionally prepare I had a mini panic attack. I tried to hide it and show my excitement. Cause I was excited... but when I saw my little girls name with mine as a lap rider my eyes got wide. My little girl is 8 months old. And she is a wild one. I am not over exaggerating this. She is a mover. If we aren't holding her hands and walking her around when she wants she sobs. And her cries are louder than how a cold toilet seat in the middle of winter feels like. haha.

This was my first time so I did a lot of research to prepare me. I asked a few friends. I wouldn't consider myself a pro, but there were a few things I wish I would have known. So here my dear friends is some tips on how to fly with a little one. (Specifically toddlers)


(Here is the list of liquids and foods you CAN bring for your baby without bothering airport rules:)

-Baby Bottles (Formula, Water, or Breastmilk) Bring as much as you want!!

-Baby Food & Snacks (I kept my food in a ziplock just to show them all together.)

-Teething Toys

-Baby Meds

This part is a breeze!! (Not what I was expecting) Just know they will scan bottles and food, and swab your carseat and stroller if you brought one.


You are only allowed 1 carry on. So make it count unless you wanna pay more money. I shoved everything baby and I needed for the flight into one diaper bag. It was easy, and nice but PACKED. So pack good. My diaper BACKPACK was a lifesaver. Totally out of the way and had good storage room


LIFE SAVER!!!!! Bring it!!! Check with your airline and make sure it's free. But I flew with Alaska and both my carseat and stroller were free to bring along with me as luggage or checked RIGHT at the gate. I chose to bring it all the way to the gate that way I could keep her in it until we were boarding. AMAZING.


Depending on how full the flight is, you can ask right at the gate if you can move to a row with an empty seat. That way you won't disturb neighbors. Or you can bring your carseat on the flight with you as a free carry-on to put in an empty seat right next to you!!! WOO! Just check with the gate worker. I was able to move to the back of the plane and have a WHOLE section to myself!! And put her in her carseat in a seat next to me TOTALLY for FREE!!!! What LUCK!


Buy toys and treats they have never tasted and seen! If that doesn't keep them busy then bring an Ipad or your phone loaded with pictures or baby apps or something! (if you don't mind that stuff).


Most bathrooms have changing stations in each one. It was tight but workable. They ask that you bring diaper sacks with you, and you put them straight into the bathroom garbage. I read about a lady who said there wasn't any baby stations on her plane. First off: SHAME ON THEM! Second: It's the 21st century get with the times people! haha. She said she sat on the toilet and changed her baby on her lap. It wasn't the most comfortable but it worked.

EAR POPPING: I was so nervous for this. I heard of stories of baby bawling at take off and landing. (I brought ear plugs for neighbors just in case.) But I brought two bottles and gave her one at take off and at landing. The sucking motion helps relieve the ear pressure. Landing is the worst of the two. A binkie would work too! My baby was perfect for them! Not at all what I expected.


Every single person that encountered us was absolutely darling. Workers, attendants, and neighbors. They all wanted to see my baby and talk to me. The workers treated me so kindly and told me what to expect and if I needed any help or had any questions. One lady held my baby while I went to the bathroom! So sweet!


bring a blanket!! It was chilly on the plane the whole time! (Granted I flew from a cold place to another cold place) So plan accordingly!

I know... regardless of my tips you are still freaking out. ESPECIALLY if you have a long flight ahead. Don't worry. Just do it. People are kind. Bring enough diapers and wipes. No need to stress. Just pray. It'll be over quickly and you will be an EXPERT!!!


-Lacy Llama Crafts


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