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Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

I work at an old folks home. By far the best job I’ve ever ever had. It’s my passion. The AIR I BREATHE! (unless it’s filled with poo particles then I don’t want to breathe it…) For an activity we did coloring therapy. You know those fancy popular coloring pages that can literally take a whole day to color? I don’t know if I have ADHD or what… I took one crayon and colored for a moment then set it down. Nope. It got me thinking about all the things don’t have time for…

#1 Adult Coloring Pages: Zen? I think not! Cruel and unusual torture more like.

#2 Shaving My Legs: If you think I’m disgusting… get over it! Either you are a girl and you do it too or you’re a man… and you just… don’t either… so. I hate to say it but my beautiful tan leg days are over! I trim them every so often but I am in a constant state of prickly and think… “gawl, is this seriously worth it? I work with old folks! I probably fit right in!”

#3 Clicking Next on an Internet Article: Let me explain myself. You know when you see a very interesting article and you go to click on it and it makes you click next over and over for the rest of the article. So you wait for it to reload and it just doesn’t work? So you give up and shed a small tear? That my friends is a 1st world problem. (Spoiled much?)

#4 Washing My Hair Everyday: By this time you think I am a disgusting potato. I swear I am clean and pretty! My husband seems to still like me! But lets be real here… Hair is tough. Getting it wet means drying it and styling it all over again. Rough. Thank the heavens for dry shampoo!

#5 Math: Does this even need explaining?

What are some of the things you don’t have time for??


My hair doesn't look horrible does it?

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