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Five Things: Why Am I Finding This Out Now?

Welcome to the Lacy Llama Crafts blog! Where my beautiful sister will join me in my writings each week! We will be blogging about a variety of different topics. Home & living, beauty, 5 things, and a variety of stories! It's something I have wanted to do with my English major sister for a long time! And now that that I am a stay at home mom I have a teeny bit of time to kill while my baby naps! (Are all you mom's laughing?)

As I have grown I have discovered many many things I have never known. Read along as I list a few.


In my first apartment as a happy go lucky newly wed I discovered the woes of a clogged disposal. Don't put vegetable peels down the drain or you are asking for trouble. Our landlord practically laughed at me. Which I responded to with a "humph".

A year or so later we moved into a home of our own. Old. 1914 old. Yet it still had a disposal. A fairly nice one at that! Our sink wasn't draining properly, we tried cleaning it out, and nothing. A plumber came to look at it

He also smiled at our naive-ness. Double "HUMPH". Excuse me for living!

My husband and I have two friends currently living with us in the basement. Come to find out they dumped rice down the disposal which expanded and clogged our sick up! After talking to Mr. Plumber Man he informed me that I should never put anything down it. Not even egg shells or orange peels which I heard many people do.

Moral of the story is... just don't put anything down the disposal. Use your garbage for that!


Sadly in society a lot of people don't talk much about breastfeeding. Ew gross private parts. Get over it. I used to be one of those people. A few months ago if someone would have whipped one of those things out, gosh I don't know what I'd have done! But having a child of my own has humbled me. Immensely.

I went into it very confidently. I had heard over and over again, "breastfeeding is natural," "breastfeeding is great.'' But also heard, "breastfeeding is really hard." My mindset was, yeah we will see. Boy was I shown the woes of nursing.

Not only would my baby not latch, she was a mean beast. She'd really let me have it. I had to use a nipple shield, which I had no idea you'd have to wean them off it. (Which is horrible in itself). After months of pumping, desperately trying to get her to latch, and supplementing with formula I tearfully gave up.

Moral of this story... read up on breastfeeding. Learn it all! Read about Mastitis and how to prevent it, how often you should pump, yadda yadda. Whether you are a mom to be, father to be, or someday to be, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Also, don't be ashamed if you have to give up and try other things. It doesn't make you any less of a mother. I had to learn this the hard way! It'll all work out!


This one is always a heart breaker for me! Ever had a friend for years and years and suddenly they get married and disappear forever? No matter how much you reach out to stay in touch you find they just aren't as interested? The culprit mostly falls in the category of opposite gender. Boys and girls just can't stay good friends. My husband always reminds me. I get it. I get the logic! I'm sure it's for the best, but it doesn't hurt any less!

It's not like I am plowing my fat butt into peoples lives demanding that they hang out with me. Or that I want to share someone's husband in a threatening way. Can't we just be cordial when we cross paths randomly? Or would you rather avoid me like the plague and never speak to me again? Well bummer. This is something I will never fully understand.

Moral of the story... Somethings just happen, so enjoy your friends while you can! haha (sounds so morbid)


I cannot stress this one more. I have always been a sleepy, nappy, tired soul who reaches out in agony for any moment of sleep. I didn't realize as soon as I became an adult (married/full-time job) the number of my happy moments of slumber would diminish. And then when I had a baby, that they would be gone from forever.

Oh the sadness and pain. Literally everyday and every moment I crave a nap. Starring at my Grandpa who frequently slept at family parties used to give me a chuckle. Now I stare at him with mouthwatering envy. I guess I will make up for my current lack of naps when I'm old and can sit in the nursing home sleeping the days away.

Moral of this story... SLEEP WHILE YOU CAN! ENJOY YOUR NAPS!


I have always been a strange person. I admit it and don't mind it. But when you are strange, strange things are drawn to you like a fruit fly to fruit. I can't even tell you how many awkward things happened to me in my growing up years. When it comes to school stories, weird friends, awful dates, and stranger encounters.

These moments make up for hilarious stories. Don't worry you will hear a few of them!

Moral of the story... cherish the awkward, it'll make someone laugh with glee.

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