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Don't Apologize For Your Success

As a small business owner of almost 5 years I have encountered a wide variety of people. Most all are kind but a few aren’t. And those few really stick with me. Why is that? Why do we as humans focus on the miniscule unkind things and let them affect us so much?

Before I begin this blog I must preface… Just because I sell my art doesn’t mean that I am the best. Just because I have created a successful and busy business doesn’t mean that I make a ton of money. In no way do I feel I am better than anyone else. I constantly work on improving and bettering myself artistically. It’s hard to take compliments, and I look at my work and see ALL the flaws. I think EVERYDAY how grateful I am that people actually like my work, and celebrate EVERY SALE! Just because I have followers and clients doesn’t mean I think I am better.


Since I began Lacy Llama I have had nothing but great support from friends and family. But… there are a select few whose negative and passive comments really have upset me. Strangers, followers, friends, and family. Most of these comments come from people who are extremely artistic in whatever ability, have higher education, or want a business as well and because I have been able to create something, are annoyed with my achievements. A few occasions I have heard passersby say while pointing to my work “I can make that.” OBVIOUSLY they can. SO many people can. Better in fact! But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about supporting small businesses, families, dreams, and lives.

My journey has been far from easy. I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours stressing, spending money, building, talking about, trial and error, painting, dreaming, and planning my business. People think a small business is a breeze, and anyone can do it. THINK AGAIN HUNNY. It’s only built for those who can see it through. So not only do you need a bit of talent, and a good idea, but MOST of all you need DETERMINATION. And that’s exactly what I have given my business. Not once did I ever think of giving up. It’s my dream since I was a little girl. So when people stare at my Instagram and think “Anyone can do that.” How about instead maybe they could think, “That’s awesome. GO HER.” Or even if you are a creative... buy something from someone that does something similar? Purchase art from someone even if you are an artist? Can we just CELEBRATE each other’s successes?


I have many artistic friends. Creatives attract creatives. I believe that all of them are better than me and could blow my art out of the water with what they could create. From the beginning I have been very careful not to offend or talk much about my business to them. I have belittled my work in order to make these people feel good and to let them know I am never better than them. I was talking to my sister today. She gave me great advice. She said, “Don’t discount yourself. Don’t diminish you while trying to building them up. Don’t apologize.” I am so grateful for her advice. It warmed my very soul. I realized I have been too hard on myself all these years. I have compared myself, and discredited myself. I can’t let these people In my life dictate how I feel about myself and my work. If they are good friends and followers they will support and love me no matter what. And if not? Maybe they aren't deserving of my friendship.

To all of you amazing small business owners. You rock. You will always have negativity out there at all times. Someone is probably starring at your social media account RIGHT now with a really ugly double chin stare. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t let anyone get you down. Don’t diminish your work. Be confident and proud of what you do. Afterall you are the one with a business and they are just sitting on their couch probably licking off their cheeto fingers being a grump. ;)

If you are one of those people who make judgements of others dreams and successes. Stop for a moment and put that energy to creating something for yourself. If you like to make something creative DO IT. Prove to yourself that you can create too, rather than belittling someone else’s work.



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