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FIVE THINGS: Beauty Products

I have never been one to spend much money on makeup. Why when you take it off at the end of the day? Many people would argue with me. Which is definitely valid. A good product is a good product. But these are my favorite products that won't break the bank that work perfectly well for me and I want to share!

1. Colassal Mascara- If you are like me you have probably bounced around from mascara to mascara your whole makeup life! I used the Maybellene cheap green and pink mascara for forever until I was sick of it. I spend a teeny bit more on this Colassal! It makes such a huge different for me! Its so long too! The Big Shot is also so great but it runs out really quick! Give the Colassal a try and see if you like it!

2. Wet & Dry Brush by Cala- This one I randomly found at a store like Ross or TJ Maxx. I am in heaven. I whip it through my hair without a problem. Snarls? NO problem. It's so easy and works with wet and dry hair perfectly. Any wet and dry brush will do, but all I am sayin is, I'll NEVER go back!.

3. Makeup Remover Rag from Norwex- This has been the biggest money saver in the whole entire world. I hadn't jumped on the makeup remover rag band wagon because I really believed it was a hoax. How could a wet rag take off my makeup? This does. I got it as a gift, so I didn't buy it. I know they can be a bit pricey but honestly I have a few cheapo walmart makeup remover rags that work just as good too! Invest!!! Kiss your makeup remover oil, rags, soap GOODBYE!!!!! IT"S AMAZING! AND SUCH A MONEY SAVER!

4. Tinkle Razors- These are the coolest. Someone told me about them a few years ago. Not only are they practical they are sort of fun... If you are those weird types of peope that like popping zits or pulling hair! hah! It's perfect for getting rid of unwanted facial hair! Be careful you'll get sucked into it's amazing-ness and start taking off all of your peach fuzz just for fun! But it's perfect for eyebrows (esp. unibrows), lip hair, you name it! I buy them on Amazon in bulk for pretty cheap for a package! Check them out!

5. BFF Perfectly Posh Face Wash- Just like my mascara I have tried a million face washes. I had a makeup subscription for a year or so! (IPSY! LOVE IT AND MISS IT!) But I received This BFF wash in sample form. Wow. Love it. The smell, the feel, the minty tingling. It's a scrub type, but I the exfoliated feel! It's a bit to pricey for me, so I mourn when I don't have it, BUT find a Perfectly Posh Distributor (I can reccommend one if you'd like) and try it! LOVE IT!!! They even have samples to try!

Thanks for reading!! Of course these products and advice are not for EVERYONE! But I hope you find something you love!!!

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