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Updated: Jun 11, 2019

3 Home Decor Hacks



Everybody wants a nicely decorated house that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to attain. That’s why I’m here to share with you three decorating hacks that I’ve employed to same money (while still achieving a desired look) when decorating my own home!

  1. PVC CURTAIN RODS (Pictured: for Bay Windows & all other windows): I don’t know if any of you have tried to buy these before, but they can be an expensive and confusing purchase. Typically, you have to buy 3 curtain rods, and two elbow connectors. Which is hard because you have to get your measurements just right, and hope that they sell the rods in the exact size you need to fit your window perfectly. I have multiple bay windows in my house and this was a daunting task to tackle when we moved in (for me at least, I put it off for months). I started doing some research on Pinterest and I kept seeing DIY PVC pipe curtain rod tutorials. I decided to give it a shot. I took the measurements with me to my local home improvement store. (They typically have PVC pipe cutters in the store that you can use.) I used the cutters to cut the pipe to the exact measurements I needed. I grabbed some PVC elbow connectors and a can of black matte spray paint. I also picked up some finials that I liked, too, (the decorative curtain rod ends). They were originally white, so I spray painted those to match. Here are some photos of how it turned out and some of the details (how I attached the finials to the rod, and the actual rod to the wall). I was able to complete two of these bad-boys in one Saturday morning!

I attached the curtain rod to the wall using a ‘corner brace’ (found in the building hardware section) that I attached to a ‘1-hole conduit strap’ (found on the electrical supply aisle) with a screw and a nut. I had to spray paint the conduit strap to match, but I purchased the corner braces in black because they were available.

The finals that I chose came with a pointed screw already drilled into them. I cut a dowel piece that was small enough to slide inside of the PCV pipe and screwed it onto the finial using that pre-set screw. The dowel was slightly too skinny for the PVC hole width, so my dad came up with the idea to add duct-tape to the dowel to create a tighter fit. (Of course, being the diva that I am, I only have leopard print duct-tape. haha.) Since no one will see the dowel or the tape, I didn’t worry about painting it to make it match, but you could definitely spray paint it all the same color if you wanted to.

  1. DIY OTTOMON: Of course, the ottoman I wanted to match our couch and house was over $200. I don’t know about you, but I’m too practical to spend thousands on a couch and then fork over hundreds more for an ottoman. I wanted a BIG ottoman, too, we’re talking over 3 feet square. I was at a furniture store and decided to check the clearance corner. THEY HAD THE EXACT SIZE I WAS LOOKING FOR. The only problem was the color. It was brown, maroon, and green--not the dark blue I wanted. I was able to negotiate and get a sizable discount on the ottoman (someone bought the couch but didn’t take the matching ottoman), then I went to Jo-Ann’s (with a coupon) and picked out some fabric that I liked, sewed it to fit, and then stapled it to the ottoman. This project ended up costing me less than $100. The thing that makes it even better is, I get asked all the time if it’s Pottery Barn! Haha. This can obviously be done on more than just ottomans: chairs, couch cushions, and piano benches can make great re-upholstery projects!

(You’ll see I just folded the edge of the fabric under and used a staple gun to attach it to the wooden frame of the existing ottoman.)

  1. PAINT THE CEILING WITH WALL PAINT. If you’ve ever painted ceilings and walls, you’ll understand the glory that lies within this hack. Having to tape and create a perfect edge between ceiling and wall is hard work! You have to make sure the wall color doesn't get on the white ceiling (and then going back over the edges a million times with the ceiling color, and then the wall color, and then the ceiling color again because you got some wall paint on it, etc.). IT CAN BE A NIGHTMARE. When we bought our home, the sellers left paint behind for touch-ups and they enlightened us that they used the wall color to also paint the ceiling (where I learned this hack). If your desired wall color isn’t too dark, you can totally get away with this! Our walls are a really light blue/gray, as you can see. When the seller told us, I had to look up because I assumed the ceiling was white! It was so light you couldn’t tell the difference! This hack can end up saving you time, money (ability to buy paint in bulk 5 gallon buckets), and a big old painting headache! All of the paint on our ceilings, stairways, and walls is the same, as you can see in the photos above and below! Shadows, angles, and light create dimension and the fact that it's all the same color is hardly noticeable.

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