Canning: Yes, I did.

Hey everyone, its been a while! Sorry for the absence, but I just wanted to get on here and share something that has made me super proud.

First I will need to give you a bit of back story. I am the oldest of the four kids in my family and while I was growing up, my mom didn’t do the whole canning, sewing, quilting thing. (Now, this in no way is me criticizing. Some people like those things and others don’t. To each their own. And I also believe that there is a time and season for those sorts of things within anyone’s life. Sometimes you have time, other times you don’t.)

Having said all that, it felt like it was only when I was at college that my mom regularly did things like make homemade bread, can salsa (seriously liquid gold), and make freezer jam. I remember begging to steal a jar or two of the salsa whenever I came home…luckily, I didn’t have to beg too hard. But those jars were always empty far too soon.

So one day, I was scrolling through Instagram, as you do…and I swiped upon an ad from the Ball/Kerr brand. The ad’s slogan was, “Yes, You can: Canning 101”. Genius! It sucked me right in.

As I thought about it, a little voice tried to convince me that it would be too hard…so I kept on scrolling. But the thought stayed with me. Canning? “yes, I can?”

As chance would have it, a few days later my local grocery store had strawberries on sale for $0.75 a package. I couldn’t pass it up.

I bought a flat of strawberries, two packs of low sugar pectin and a small case of freezer friendly jam jars. All the while thinking…Canning? I sure hope I can 😉

Here are a few tips I have for anyone trying to make freezer jam for the first time. The rest of you jam making veterans can just roll your eyes at me…it’s ok, I give you permission.

  1. Wear an apron…or something you don’t mind getting dirty. Seriously. You tell yourself you’ll be careful, you aren’t a toddler…you won’t spill. But you will. And your shirt will be ruined.

  2. Have a jar friendly funnel…LIVE SAVER!!

  3. For me I only needed three packages of strawberries to make one batch. If you get a little berry happy (like I did) you can save some fruit to eat for another day…or you can make your cute husband run last minute to buy you more pectin…since you have already pre-crushed all of the berries…(oops, thanks honey!)

  4. Make sure you have room in your freezer. (Self-explanatory)

  5. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, for real, do it! This isn’t the time to go rogue and Indiana Jones your way through. Methodical following of the instructions is the best way to go for beginners.

  6. If you do decide to “Jones” it…make sure you do so on the advice of a Jam/Canning veteran. I for example decided to add 2 tsp of flavored emulsion to mine (or 1 tsp of extract). I did this because of some great advice I found from a trusted food Blogger. I was able to boost the flavor of my jam without having to prepare multiple types of fruit. I made Strawberry Coconut, Strawberry Peach and Triple Berry (strawberry Raspberry Blueberry) Yum!

So I am going to hit you with a cliché…if I can do this anyone can. Honest! I hope this will help bolster you to try something new. Become a canner! Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, canning gives you so many options. Feel free to check out this website it will give you lots of canning info. Another option would be to ask advice from a tried and true family member or friend…even a trusted food blogger. I hope you do, because I loved it! So good luck and Happy Canning 😊

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