Learning to DIY

Ok now, I know that this is going to seem like a very random blog post. But I plan on this being the first of many like it, so let me give a little explanation first. I feel like I am still learning how to be an adult all the time (with varying degrees of success). As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that becoming an adult doesn’t magically qualify you for extra abilities or expertise. That would be super awesome, and I do maintain that my dad has a secret to accessing the fountain of knowledge…he seriously is a DIY guru. But for me, and probably for most people, it’s the actual trial and error that brings added insight and skill.

I know that I need to cut myself some slack, but I also need to put forth the effort to try and actually learn to do things on my own. Luckily I have access to Google, Pinterest, and other forums where I can tap the collective knowledge of others. I don’t know how people were able to live without having the option to “google” something. I use it to find directions, recipes, information to help with my toddler…my list goes on and on. But I figured that in my quest to DIY moments of my life, that documenting my experience may be helpful for me and just maybe for someone else too.

The Windows

So the other day, I realized that I could no longer ignore a chore I had been dreading. My windows were in need of some serious TLC. There was a film of dirt, rain spots, and bug spray that had created a constant hazy blur.

Window Before

I knew I couldn’t afford to have someone come clean them, nor could I afford to go purchase all sorts of squeegees and cleaning products…quite honestly I don’t even own a ladder. So naturally, I turned to Pinterest…searched for and found an awesome “recipe” for a streak free, wipe free window cleaner. I purchased a few of the ingredients I was missing, borrowed a ladder from my father-in-law and got started.

Now I have to throw out a disclaimer…the article said that you should scrub the window thoroughly and the author even mentioned that her husband had put some muscle into it. I was as thorough as I could be with my limited ladder skills and a cheaper squeegee sponge. So my results are not as true to the articles…where I wasn’t able to scrub as hard as was suggested. However, I am still super happy with how the windows turned out.

Window After

The fact that it was wipe free was absolutely amazing! I did have a few small streaks on two of the windows. And if I looked out the windows from the inside, I could still see just the slightest outline of some of the water spots from dirty rain that had been baked on by direct sun exposure. (These spots may have disappeared with more direct scrubbing). But even despite that the windows were SO much cleaner than before! I would completely recommend this method, especially if there are taller or hard to reach windows that you couldn’t just wipe down without a ladder etc. Here is a link to the original article, which includes the recipe. She even has some great pictures and completely walks you through the process.

Hope this helps some of you, and happy window cleaning :)

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