Live Portrait Painting

Lacy Llama Crafts is now offering live portrait painting! Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, work parties and any event. Give your guests a unique gift and experience. Treats get eaten, flowers whither, but portraits can last a lifetime.


  • Each portrait is painted on a 4x6 sized piece of high quality watercolor paper.

  • In order to create as many as possible each portrait is painted faceless and from the bust up.

  • It can be a single portrait or bundled together as a small group of 3 max.

  • Each portrait takes 3-6 minute to paint. (15 per hour average) First come first serve. We will finish as many as possible but not everyone will be guaranteed for large groups.

  • Smaller parties can be arranged with more detail and bigger sizes, and everyone guaranteed a portrait.

  • More guests can be painted with an associate painter and a additional cost.

  • Pictures are taken at the beginning and the portraits are able to be picked up at the end.

  • We are booked by the hour. (The more time we have the more quality and quanity we can put towards the portraits)

  • Willing to travel. Cost may apply.

  • (COST VARIES)$250 an hour for small parties. $350 for large events (more lacy llama assistants are needed for bigger events)

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